They met at an organisation. As colleagues, there was always a vision of creative Wedding Film Making that matched between the two of them with Karan being the Cinematographer & Akshay being the Video Editor. Nevertheless, We would like to take this opportunity to thank COVID-19, As the first wave was a boon to our venture (Sincere Apologies to the families, who lost their loved ones).
The two of them then resigned and decided to start their own venture in September 2020, Solely on basis of creativity which further describes their brand – KALAKAARI, they believe It is always about the start, you cannot start until you follow your heart.


Founder / Creative Director

Being an Engineering Dropout & With successful completion of Post graduation in Entertainment field from ‘MET College’ Started his first job at Balaji Telefilms followed by working for certain organisations, Editing Wedding Films was never his first choice. After getting hands on other technical things along with Video editing, he realised that this made him stay awake, for an entire night without a sip of water, yet he enjoyed doing the same with passion and dedication.
Having pursued Script writing, Direction and Video editing, during his post graduation days, He finally decided to put into effect,his film making skills,into wedding films and giving it a real yet creative meaning. With which he decided to have script based preweddings, giving it a coverage of a Short Film with Direction, Dialogues and Narration. He believes in saying – ‘Cheers to Failures, The Harder the struggle, the more spectacular the win will be


CEO / Co-Founder

Being a Camera Enthusiast, He explored different termnologies related to Camera world. He is of the opinion that practical knowledge is better than learning the academics. He trusts that getting inspired from the artists across the world gives you a lot more insights into your expertise field. Cinematography for him is a form of seeing the beautiful world through different perspectives. He aims at crafting moments through the medium of capturing emotions and presenting it in the form of a story that makes it easy for people to understand his perspective. He believes in saying – ‘Camera as an invention is the closest form of a Human eye which is capable of receiving visual images.’