The love we give away is the only love we keep

When they played cupid, the story got more interesting. Capturing them was never a challenge. Apparently, the most candid couple, kalakaari has ever witnessed.

We at Kalakaari, Captured the biggest holi festival in India, with the best artists performing in Goa, at the sunburn Holi Bash 2022

A blend of Marwadi & Gujarati culture coming together & uniting in love. 

They believe in saying, ‘ We vow Patience, Honesty & Adoring love as long as we both shall live

Always heard of ‘Love at first sight, Ever seen it happen for real?

When Simplicity meets Elegance, It creates magic.

The Bride’s definition of love is to look someone in the eye!! Juhi saw that love for herself in Kunj’s eyes.

The Phrase, ‘ Made In Heaven’ just got more real, when their paths crossed.

When you go home, you should feel home – The groom’s definition of love, surely gave goosebumps.

Love is not just being with someone, it is an art to understand emotion while you are miles away from each other.

Fights can get annoying yet, considered to be the most beautiful phase of a relationship, getting two people so close together, more than ever before.

When they say the most annoying groom gets the most beautiful bride.

Love happens when you least expect it.

Love brewing at a French Class got them to French kissing, together forever.

The most perfect definition of friendship in love could be them. 

Our Marvel couple, the two avengers decided to take the Pheras, in the most peculiar way.